Can you appreciate your talent, your greatness, your whole being? Or do you need to be reminded of all you've accomplished and how much more you are about?.

Have you thought: "I have done well, and I am capable of much more...I am not finished yet. There is much more to me than this."

You may feel that you do not know what the "more" is. This can be an exciting and creative place! You are in the exploration stage of transition…and everything is possible.
Working with a coach helps you to listen to what you know and what you have yet to uncover within yourself. The exploratory process, the support, and the accountability keep you moving toward your truth.

Other times you know exactly what you want, your life has spoken to you, and yet you simply are not clear how to get there. Your Coach helps you to shape the path, claim your place on that path, and move into that “knowing” that supports you to your goal.

Are you ready?

© 2012 Cheryl Esposito